Liu Qun, Chairman of the Board, CIRPChina Institute for Radiation Protection (CIRP) is the only comprehensive scientific research institution solely dedicated to the research and application of radiation protection in China. CIRP was established in 1962 with the approval of Nie Rongzhen, Vice Premier of the State Council then. Over the past six decades, as a leading, fundamental and forward-looking scientific research base of radiation protection in China, CIRP serves as an important scientific think tank, technical reserve and talent training base in this field and has made critical contributions to the development of the nuclear industry in China.

CIRP has been engaged in several major fields, including radiation protection and radiological medicine, nuclear emergency and safety, nuclear environmental science, nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management, as well as non-nuclear business. CIRP has also developed a series of high-tech technologies and products.

In the new era, aiming to further improve the commercialization mechanism of technical achievements, and establish the market-oriented sci-tech innovation mode, CIRP is carrying out a comprehensive reform, committed to realize the optimized integration of "one institute & two systems". Based on the radiation protection technologies developed in the past 60 years, taking the CIRP Technology Co., Ltd. as the platform, CIRP is capable of providing nuclear safety and radiation protection related products, services and overall solutions for customers, so as to obtain the new development momentum of industry originating from scientific research and in turn serving scientific research.

We will focus on the nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle, and the application of nuclear technology to carry out scientific research, ensure product supply, and provide technical services. We are always confident to rise up to any challenges. In the context of the vigorous development of nuclear power, CIRP is determined to strive for the goal of building itself into a world-class research institute.






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